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Three Tips For Keeping Car Delivery Drivers Safe

Having a fleet of your own vehicles to make personal deliveries means that your service is not beholding to other delivery services. You can promise prompt deliveries in your service area and the areas where you have a warehouse. With a fleet of cars and drivers to make delivery, you take on a greater responsibility for the care of people and the vehicles that they drive. Driver safety needs to be of the utmost importance to a company. Here are three tips or keeping drivers safe during deliveries. 

Use a fleet tracking system

Telematics fleet tracking needs to be installed in every car. This will help you to track a number of things about the vehicle. You can see if the fuel is getting low, how the car systems are working, and if the driver is on the appropriate route. If something is going wrong under the hood that may cause the cars to break down, you can inform your driver to bring the car back and trade vehicles immediately. When cars are running low on fuel, you alert the driver to refill the system or come back to the home office. 

Give all drivers work phones

Drivers should have work phones that operate appropriately. The work phones should have programmed numbers for the office and a built-in GPS system that works for your company. This means that drivers will always be able to be in contact with the home office and emergency services. Driver's should update if they have to take a new route or if something goes wrong before, during, or after delivery so that the office is aware and can fix any issues. The should also need a code to turn off so that the phone can remain trackable if it is stolen. 

Phone locking and unlocking for vehicles

Leaving the keys in a car happens to everyone. Happening when your driver has a full delivery schedule can be a bit more of an issue. Install a remote locking and unlocking mechanism to the vehicles in your fleet. If a driver is locked out of their vehicle, you can unlock the vehicle from the remote. You can also install the locking and unlocking mechanisms in the phones of your fleet drivers so that they have access as well. If you have vehicles that unlock as soon as the door is closed, this feature will be necessary for safety.