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Remote Starter Features

A remote starter is an auto accessory that will allow you to start up your car from the comfort of your home or office. Consider the features that you would like a remote starter to possess. Purchase a remote system and have it professionally installed.

The Range

The range in which a remote starter will work is an important characteristic to consider. If you park far away from the office building that you work at or if you park your vehicle in a long driveway that is on your property, a remote starter that can reach a long distance will provide you with more convenience than a starter that doesn't reach as far. Assess the distance from your place of employment and home to where you park your vehicle. Purchase a starter that can reach the distances that you have calculated.

The Features

A basic remote starter can be used to start a vehicle's engine. A more advanced starter may be capable of locking and unlocking the doors, disengaging the motor, and starting up the motor. Consider which features will be most beneficial to you.

If you will be starting your vehicle while it is parked in a busy lot, you may benefit by having access to a starter that provides several convenient features. Some remote starters come with a single key fob and others may include multiple fobs. If you share your vehicle with someone else, you may want to purchase a starter set that contains more than one fob.

The Use Of A Key Fob

Some remote starters may come with a safety feature that will turn your car off. This type of starter may have a built-in timeframe in which a car must be accessed. Letting the car run idle for a set amount of time may trigger the engine to turn off. If you purchase a deluxe car starter like this, you will not need to worry about accidentally triggering the key fob and causing your vehicle to run unattended.

If you decide to purchase a basic remote starter that does not have a built-in safety feature, you will need to be mindful of where your key fob is at all times. If you purchase a key fob that has sensitive buttons, you could accidentally trigger one or more of them. By placing your key fob in a set location where the buttons won't be pressed, you won't deal with any accidental startups.

For more information on remote starters, contact a professional near you.