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Seven Things You'll Love About Using The Auto Play Feature On Your Phone

If you own a vehicle and a smartphone, you should definitely be taking advantage of Auto Play features that allow you to safely use your phone's features while you're driving. The following are seven things you'll love about using the Auto Play feature on your phone. 

Using navigation apps

You might need to rely on navigation apps on your phone when you're driving in areas that you're unfamiliar with. With your smartphone's Auto Play, you can access navigation apps and look up your destination with voice commands alone. 

Making phone calls

Your smartphone's Auto Play feature offers hands-free calling to all of your contacts. You can also answer phone calls that come in while driving without picking up your phone. With Auto Play, you don't have to miss any important phone calls because you're driving. 

Listening to music on your phone

If you've got all your favorite music stored on your phone, you can conveniently listen to your song list while you're driving with Auto Play. You can access your playlist, popular music apps, and even podcasts while you're driving with voice commands. 

Getting weather updates

Knowing what to expect in terms of the weather is important when you're driving since storms and other weather events can impact driving safety. Auto Play can provide you with weather updates as you drive. Weather updates help you to stay informed about driving conditions. 

Keeping an eye on your home

Your smartphone's Auto Play features are especially helpful if you use home automation. Auto Play can be integrated with your home automation system.

Home automation integration combined with smartphone Auto Play can allow you to monitor home features like your thermostat and electrical system when you're on the road and far from home. Keeping an eye on these home features gives you peace of mind while you travel. 

Checking social media accounts

If you use social media accounts a lot, you'll be glad to know that Auto Play can also be integrated with numerous social media apps. This makes it so that you can see social media updates and respond to social media messages while you're driving. 

Saving money on entertainment while driving

In-car entertainment features like satellite radio subscriptions can be expensive. When you use Auto Play, you rely on your smartphone rather than in-car features for entertainment. This allows you to save money while also staying entertained on long road trips. 

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