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The Big Reveal: Flaunting What You Are Hauling On A Semi And How To Do It Right

Nothing gets a crowd quite as stirred up as hype followed by a big reveal. If you have already invested the hype, you need the big reveal. Hauling certain things on a semi truck is definitely the way to do it, but there are actually several extra things you can do to flaunt what is inside when the moment comes. Here are a few approaches that the professionals use to give audiences and event groups that amazing "wow!" factor. Feel free to copy them for your own big reveal event.

Custom Tarp Systems

These tarp systems are usually mounted to a flatbed semi trailer, although they can be made to work with just about any kind of trailer. When you want to show off a race car, or slowly reveal a very big surprise in a teasing way, put it and haul it in one of these trailers. Then slowly open and push back the rolling tarp system to reveal what is hidden inside. It is a surefire way to build tension and excitement and drive people crazy. (If you want to get an idea of what this is like, find a closet with a sliding door, and slowly roll it open, trying to anticipate what you will see inside.)

Mechanical Tarp Systems

This is very similar to the sliding tarp systems, except that you have a motor operating the folding and rolling tarp. You can set and control the motor to quickly or very slowly reveal what is underneath. For shock and awe, reveal it quickly, like a band-aid ripped off the skin. For anxiety-producing tension and excitement, reveal the object very slowly. Tarp system manufacturers can create tarp motors to operate exactly as you need and want them to.

Using White Transparent Tarps and Projection Screens

If you select one of the above tarp systems, then you can also request a transparent white tarp material. This allows you to project images on the tarp from inside, and even use this method as a means of rolling advertising as the truck travels around. The semi trailer can also be rigged with cameras outside that project onto the transparent tarp sides, not only hiding what is inside the trailer, but also creating a moving film on wheels for people to watch and get excited about before you reveal what the truck has been hauling all this time.

Some entrepreneurs currently use this approach as a means of enticing video gamers to a truck. These entrepreneurs travel around with the trucks, creating mobile gaming experiences for parties and special events. The game screens are the tarp sides, with gamers climbing inside the trailers and sitting on comfortable furniture to play video games.

Drop Side Trailers with Explosions or Cannons

Have you ever seen a trailer of a country singer roll up, park on the green knoll where the singer will perform, and then at the exact moment the concert is about to start, the trailer explodes open to reveal the singer and his/her band inside the trailer? No? Well, it is quite the sight, to be sure.

You can do the same with a drop side trailer for whatever your event and big reveal are. You load the trailer and you never have to unload it. Everyone or everything can stay right inside as it travels or persons of interest can climb through a door in the side of the trailer opposite your audience. Use rocket cannons to shoot fireworks into the air to simulate an explosion and then drop the sides of the trailer, or use confetti cannons to signal the start of the big reveal or show. Both are a very nice dramatic flair to dropping the sides of the trailer and revealing what (or who!) is inside.

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