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Things You Need To Know About Having Your Car Detailed

Car detailing is a great way to keep your vehicle looking great and in good conditioning without you having to spend a lot of time washing and cleaning it. A professional detailer can clean the inside and the outside for you while you are working or doing something else. Depending on the level of detailing you want, the cost can be very reasonable.

Preparing The Car For Detailing

When you are getting ready to take your vehicle to a car detailing shop, it is good to take any personal items out of it. If there are things in the car, it can make it more difficult for the detailer, and they often are not allowed to take something out while they are working. 

If you are concerned about losing paperwork while the car is at the detailers, you can lock the glove compartment and give the detailer the key to the ignition, or you can remove things that have any personal information. You can also take the registration and insurance cards with you when you drop the car off. The detail shop does not need them while they are working on the vehicle. 

Interior Detailing

When you drop your car off at the auto detailing shop, go over the specific items inside the vehicle that you want to be cleaned, and let the detailer know if there is something you don't want to be used in the car. Some protectants can make things like the steering wheel a bit slippery, so make sure that if there is a product you have used and don't care for, you let them know not to use it. 

Carpets in the car can be vacuumed or washed if you like, and the floor mats can also be removed and cleaned with a cleaner that will make them look great. For cars with leather upholstery, it is vital that the car detailing includes a protectant that will keep the leather from cracking and wearing over time. 

A good detailer will clean all the nooks and crannies in the dash, the doors, and the console in the car so that there are no traces of dirt or crumbs. 

Exterior Detailing

While some people think auto detailing means washing the car outside, it goes much further than that. The tires, rims, and exterior molding need to be cleaned, and protectants are applied after the car is washed. A mirror glaze can be put on the paint, or the car can be gone over with a high-quality wax to keep the paint looking great. 

If there are specific things you want to be done to the car, talk with the auto detailing shop and let them know. Often they can create a custom work order for your vehicle if you are willing to pay a little extra for the work. Contact a car detailing company for more information.