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Four Things To Look For In Rubber Car Floor Mats

Are you tired of tracking mud and dirt into your car? Scrubbing the dirt off your car's carpets can get old, and the stains left behind will decrease your car's value. Rubber floor mats can really help. However, not all rubber floor mats are created equal. As you shop for floor mats, here are four qualities you should look for.

1. The right shape

Some floor mats look nice on the shelf, but when you get them in your car, they fit strangely. They may reach up onto the side of the wall or fold up against the door, making it hard to close the door. The best way to ensure a good fit is to focus on floor mats made specifically for your car. For instance, if you drive a Corvette, look for floor mats made for Corvettes. There will still be plenty of models to choose from, and you can narrow them down with the additional tips below.

2. Thick rubber

When you step into your car with muddy shoes, think about the shoes you are wearing. They're probably boots. Over time, your boots can be hard on mats, and so can the scrubbing you use to get them clean. So, look for mats made with thick rubber, rather than from flimsy, thinner rubber. 

3. Non-slip backing

Rubber mats won't do much if they are always sliding to the side and allowing your muddy shoes to come into contact with the underlying carpet. Look for rubber mats with non-slip backing. This backing may be felt with a rough texture to prevent it from sliding across the carpet. It may also be plastic grips that hook into the carpet, keeping the rubber mats in place.

4. A good warranty

Good rubber mats can be costly. So, if something goes wrong with your rubber mats, you want to know that they can be replaced without you having to spend a fortune. The best rubber mats often come with a one to a three-year warranty. High-end brands may have an even longer warranty. Check into warranty terms before you buy to make sure you know exactly what is covered.

Search various retailers for mats that meet these characteristics. When it comes to color and pattern, that is totally up to you. A green mat will do just as good a job as a black one in keeping your carpet clean and mud-free. For more information on Corvette floor mats, contact your local manufacturer.