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Custom Car Magnets Could Help Sell Specialized Home Services

Repair professionals and other home service providers might wonder if custom car magnet advertisements deliver results. Well, a nicely crafted car magnet will catch eyes. Depending upon whose eyes you catch, the moving ads might generate a decent amount of new customers. Placing the sign on a car or truck won't be enough, though. Strategic thinking must combine with the right visuals to increase the chances the magnet becomes a hit. For home repair professionals offering a unique service, this is doubly true.

Unique Custom Magnet Steps for Unique Service Providers

When a plumber places a large home magnet positioned on a cargo van, a simple sign could work effectively. A pro whose unique specialties involve repairing chipped sinks and tubs would benefit better from a more original sign. People rarely put off calling a plumber when a problem arises.

Non-emergency troubles such as a faded or chipped bathtub might not be as pressing. When the sign is original enough and correctly positioned, however, a customer may move on placing a call. An entrepreneur must consider a few ideas when requesting a custom sign.

Telling a Visual Story

A visual image becomes necessary to both capture attention and to tell people what your service offers. A flexing cartoon bodybuilder holding a repair kit is an eye-catcher, but people may think you offer personal training services.

Imagine a cartoon bathtub with a 1940s era cartoon face flexing its muscles. The character has something to do with bathrooms. Maybe the "bodybuilding bathtub" would pique the curiosity of someone interested in bathroom remodeling. Perhaps he/she will look to the side of the character and note the business' name, number, and website. 

Placement Counts, Choose Wisely

Generally, there are two places the car magnet goes: on the side or the back. Choose the spot likely to garner the most views.

If you drive around in traffic a lot, the rear of the vehicle will be seen by more people than when parked. Cars parked for hours upon hours might benefit from placing the magnet on the passenger side. This way, the sign stays in the direction of people walking on the sidewalk. Cars parked in lots may benefit from rear placement.

Of course, you could always put two magnets on the car if your budget permits. Placement isn't about personal preference. It is about getting the maximum impact and results, so pick the right spot appropriate for your car or truck. For more information about custom car magnets, contact a business such as ARC Marketing.